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Why SEO and Why Us?

Surely you know that joke about where is the best to hide a corpse? – On the second Google page. And you know that the number of daily searches on Google Search reaches 4,000,000,000 (in letters: four trillion) and that only the top 5 results receive 65% of clicks. In addition to those top 5 search results, there are paid advertisements. 80% of users avoid this search segment, 75% of users go no further than the second search page. Imagine exposing your business to a fair that has only one entrance, and you are where ¾ of visitors will never, or rarely, come. Would you change your venue, your position at that fair? Now you know how important your position is as a result of searches on terms that are relevant to you and your business. Now you know why SEO and how important it is.


Why SEO and what it means: Search Engine Optimization


I can tell you that there is a big fight to these top 5 results and the fighters are SEO agencies and SEO experts.

You may have noticed that a large number of SEO experts have emerged. Here is to show you why I am an expert and how this Retro Digital Agency can help you find yourself at the very entrance of the fair, where there are more visitors.

SEO has been a part of my work portfolio for the last several years (etc. more than 5 years) and it was from my first official client, a large company that had the needs of the entire SEO team. In addition to the work we did back then, we were also provided with additional training to guide us in a particular direction when it comes to SEO. At the time, I was doing technical SEO, I was dealing with Pinterest and YouTube as select networks. The whole experience took a couple of months, but it allowed me to learn a lot. I have to mention that my first official SEO training comes from Dragan Varagic. And who he is, the majority involved in SEO and internet marketing – knows.


How Through SEO Can We Help Your Business?


You need to understand something: for example, if you decided to go to the gym, to get a little tidy. Have you returned from your first or second training session, looked in the mirror and not get satisfied with the results? If you expect results then skip the continuation of the text.

If you have continued to read, we have to tell you… SEO is part of Digital Marketing. And you gonna get complete results only with the whole advent of Digital Marketing.

For niche or specific markets, it is possible to produce real results in organic search, but it takes a lot of effort, time and combined activities. Good content with relevant information and well-optimized pages for the selected keywords can bring you results. Sometimes this result is possible after 2-3 months of activity, and sometimes it takes up to several months to achieve everything organically.

If it occurred to you that, for example, we could move some negative context that appears about your company away from the first page, where no one or almost no one will come – then you understand everything.

We say, “The truth is in wine” – since it is my great passion (both wine and truth) I will give you some poignant examples of how I positioned my blog in wine niche.

Vinarija Erdevik - Zašto SEO i zašto mi


Vinarija Šijački - Zašto SEO i zašto mi


Vinarija Kiš - Zašto SEO i zašto mi

All of these examples have one thing in common, which is well-optimized pages for given keywords.

You’ll also notice that videos and photos that are commonly found on sites appear in the search. If you’ve done a good job of optimizing your media, your photos and videos will also appear as a search result. And this is very important to know. In addition to content, it is also necessary to optimize videos and photos used in the content.

You need to remember, this was not done overnight. It takes time and knowledge to implement this properly. And we have that knowledge.


Why Would You Choose a Retro Digital Agency for your SEO Partner?


The examples above tell us how much we can do for your business. We offer quality solutions that include not only operative but creative and excellent communication. 

To show you that we are serious and creative in this business, we can give you another example of well-optimized content – the example of my private blog. 

In Google search engine when typing: “Top 5 SEO activities” check the top 5 places and compare the writers of the given content. You will see how much we want to succeed in every business, even in this. 

If you are a source of relevant information and you are still ahead of sources such as IT Academies and Wikipedia, the optimization site.org and even the aforementioned Dragan Varagic (I learned) then that information carries some weight with you.

Top 5 SEO aktivnosti - Retro Digital Agency


We at Retro Digital Agency offer SEO as a service, but that service is part of digital marketing. For all to succeed and deliver the expected results, every segment of digital marketing, not just SEO, needs to be implemented.

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IT engineer by profession, Front-End developer, SEO, and marketing analyst. Winelover. He has a desire to share his knowledge and experience. He finds inspiration every step of the way. He thinks motivation is needed for everyone.

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