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The price list emphasizes the basic offer that can be extended with the services that serve your business.

Basic price

The price list has the basic bidding options. Each offer may include additional services and options. By placing an offer on the site, we wanted to emphasize transparency and avoid those who ``have their little one who does it all for € 50``


Adjustments and basic offers are possible for contracted long-term cooperation because in this way we can be more confident in achieving the desired results and it provides us with stability and planning.


We provide access to each of the available digital marketing tools so you can see resources and results at any time. We practice that one person from the agency is in charge of direct communication with you.

Measurable results

Digital marketing allows results to be measurable and expressed in concrete numbers. Together with you we analyze the results from the previous period and propose the following steps.

About pricing

The price list emphasizes the basic offer that can be extended with the services that serve your business. Creating audio and video content, using digital tools, digital consulting, PR or preparing public appearances are all part of our offer. Invite us to look at how much our knowledge can contribute to the development of your idea and business.

Marketing Strategy



This is the beginning of your performance, not just online. Before proposing a strategy, we analyze your position and performance. We compare the performance of your competition with the following SWOT analysis. We also find good practice examples globally.


Then we ask ourselves together: what do you want to achieve with your message, to whom you are addressing, in which way you are addressing, where you are addressing, how often and in what format?


What is it that can set you apart and your offer in the market.

Social Networks



You may have heard, “Everyone is on social networks.” Not everyone is and not everyone is on all social networks. We will suggest social networks for you to perform as well as a ton of communication on each one.


The price of our service depends on whether you provide us with content that we coordinate and post to social networks, or content creation is our responsibility.

Our offer may include taking photos, creating video content, video displays, live broadcasts …


SEO: from €1000


Search engine optimization service can be divided into two parts:

Offline and Online Optimization. They carry with them certain activities that we will not talk about now. Each of these activities requires specific actions.


We define the keywords that will be optimized for and we define the cost based on that.


The starting price would be € 1000 and it includes search engine site optimization for 3 keywords.


For more keywords and more, a new strategy is created and a new price is defined based on that.


For more information about this service, please contact us by email: hello@retrodigital.agency or call +381 63 8919980.

Event Management



The least common denominator of everyone in our agency is event management. When planning an event, we start with the key questions: what the goal of the event is and what it should look like to tell you the day after that it was successful.


From site selection, calling methods, scenarios and providing technical support to protocols and controls in real time.


The combination of online and offline results can increase dramatically.

Web Development



Your site is often your first contact with a potential client, future associate, business partner. The first impression is only one.


The cost of creating a site depends on the number of pages, what functionality you need (shop, application for NL, downloading documents) as well as the key question: content – whether you submit it or it is in our job description.

Email Marketing



One way of communicating with potential customers / customers is email marketing. We will create, design, analyze and segment the following email campaigns for you.


Our email campaigns are part of your marketing strategy and they should also be part of your strategy.


EDUCATION: price is formed on the basis of inquiry



Years of experience and knowledge we are ready to share with you, your employees. We will also tell you where we had the faeries, where we went wrong – there is no need for this to happen to you.


We will show you good and exceptional examples – customize them, we will talk about your positive experience the next.

Unique Offer



If you need more services, do not hesitate to mention it to us.


We will prepare a unique offer, which in the aggregate will be more favorable than the sum of selected individual services.

What Will You Get From Us?

  • Absolutely open and transparent attitude towards business.
  • Access to all accounts and tools – you’ll have complete insight into budgeting, spending, and results.
  • Precise reports and recommendations (improvements) for the next period of activity, in accordance with previously defined goals before the start of work-