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What we can do for your personal and company brand?
Retro Digital Agency - Communication Strategy Development

Communication strategy development

This is the beginning of your presence, not only in the online arena. Before putting forward a strategy proposal, we analyse your position and presence in the market. We compare these to your competitors’ presence, which is followed by a SWOT analysis. We identify best practice examples in the global market. Then together with you, we ask ourselves the question: What do you wish to gain with your message, who is your target audience, what is your manner of communication, what is the platform, how often and in what message format? Answers to these questions formulate part of the strategy.

Social Networks

Social media presence

You may have heard the corny catchphrase that “everyone is on social media”. In reality, not everyone is, and for those who are, not everyone is on all platforms. Defining the user persona for your product or service is, among all, defined by which social media platforms are selected for your presence. This is followed by planning of communication channels, content creation and a proposed social-posts calendar as well as promotion intensity. Continuous monitoring and use of modern tools are utilized so that the social media presence is harnessed to reach the planned goals.

Retro Digital Agency Social Media
Retro Digital Agency - Web Development

Website development

Your web page is often your first contact with a potential client or future business partner. There is only one first impression. In countries with a developed hospitality sector there are job openings for a Director of First Impressions, as they recognize the importance of this role. Functionality, user experience as well as succinct and precise information will determine if the website visitor will linger, and eventually turn their visit into a conversion. You can probably hire someone to build you a website for €200. If your only aim is to be able to say: I have a website, then we advise the 200-euro option. If your website is a tool for something bigger, call us.


Search Engine Optimization

The most influential business magazine Forbes has released an article entitled “SEO Is A Must For Small Businesses”. Current budget figures for digital marketing efforts say the highest portion of the funds is allocated for SEO. It is a complex process that bears fruits mid-term and long-term. Once your business feels the benefits of a SEO strategy, you will double your investment into it. Most of our team gained their experience in the SEO subject matter learning from the issue of health niche in the USA. This is the very niche that enabled Barack Obama to win his first tenure in the White House.

Retro Digital Agency - SEO
Retro Digital Agency - Event management

Event management

The least common denominator in our agency is event management. We have taken part in biggest regional music festivals, designed and ran award-winning events for small and medium-sized businesses. We organize wine tours. The digital is our present and definitely our future. If the future is without personal interactions, social gatherings and emotions, people will feel empty. Combining digital and offline activities, the scale and reach of both sets of channels will rise exponentially. This goes for all activities – whether you are planning a team building event, a new product/service launch event or you’re celebrating a big date in your company.


Educational activities

The process of education will be provided to you regardless of which of the services we offer you choose. We share our knowledge with you. The results we achieve together will determine any further collaboration with us, including its intensity. Apart from this, we offer coaching in marketing and public speaking. Our educational activities are designed in such a way that our trainees receive precise instructions and applicable knowledge. Our team boasts members with a knack for teaching and motivating our trainees.

Retro Digital Agency - Education