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We Are Really Awesome

We put all our knowledge, skills, and experience gained through our jobs, campaigns, college education into the agency’s framework, and we are ready to be a right and reliable partner for you in the market competition. If we spice it up with the magic of creativity, we believe in success for a reason.

We Follow Trends

Everyday Update

Modern communication tools, new functionality, and new options create a daily challenge for us: how all these things can help you and your business stand out in the market, be more visible.

Have You Heard About SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the part of digital marketing that makes the most of money when it comes to marketing and data in developed markets – the one we strive for. Using this paragraph, our site appears when searching for these terms. For example: why SEO is important. Try it. So can the terms that are important to you in business.

We strive for things we love in marketing: creativity and communication.





Creating a Communication Strategy

What do you want to achieve with your message, to whom you are addressing, in which way you are addressing, where you are addressing, how often and in what format? The answers to these questions create part of the strategy.

Social Networks

You may have heard, ``Everyone is on social networks.`` Not everyone is and not everyone is on all social networks. Defining a “User persona” for your product or service defines, among other things, selecting a social network to perform.

Web Development

Your site is often your first contact with a potential client, future associate, business partner. The first impression is only one. Functionality, user experience as well as concise and accurate information will determine whether a visitor will stay and be closer to being your acquisition.

Search Engine Optimization

FORBES, the most influential business magazine in the world, has the title: “SEO Is A Must For Small Businesses”. It is a complex process that delivers results in the medium and long run. Once your business feels the benefits of an SEO strategy - you will double the budget for this investment ...

Event Management

The least common denominator of everyone in our agency is event management. We have been part of the largest regional music festivals, designing and participating in award-winning events for SMEs. we create wine tours.


You will be involved in the education process regardless of the choice of service we offer. The results we achieve together will set you up for continued and intense collaboration. In addition, we also offer training in marketing and public speaking.

Co-Founder/General Manager

Dejan Pataki

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Co-Founder/IT guru

Predrag Marković

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Graphic Designer

Ivana Radulović

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Account Manager

Ana Jokić

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Account Manager

Ena Davidović

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Graphic Designer

Minja Joković

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Account Petlić


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The team behind you – Retro Digital Agency team – knowledge, experience, creativity and a little youth, ie. craziness.

What do you get from us as an agency?

Experience, creativity, new solutions, good communication and dedication – get it when our team stands with you. We are here to agree on ideas, messages, initiatives and ways of communication. Both retro and digital.


Number of clients

Number of clients we have worked with so far, from previous experience in previous jobs.


Smallest number

The minimum number of working days available during the year. We have stated the smallest, we agree on the biggest together.


The exact number

The exact number of characters, including the blanks that this segment contains. Sometimes this number is important for SEO.


Number of days

97 is the sum that is obtained when the birthdays of everyone in the agency are summed up and is completely irrelevant.