Generation Z and Digital

Analysis of generation Z’s habits and attitudes is a topic, which we reasonably believe will become more common in the portals, media dealing with social phenomena, business and marketing – as an integral part of all the terms listed in this sentence. For the purposes of one project, which we hope will get the prefix “big” we have assembled an extensive focus group and combined the method of survey and interview to obtain accurate, relevant data on the habits of Z generation members in the online sphere. The target group was those born in the new millennium, those who had counted 14 to 19 birthdays so far.

Part of the results of the focus groups that Retro Digital Agency has implemented, which we believe would interest the wider public, are published below.

Facebook is a passfor the Z Generation

When asked which social networks they have profiles on – only one common denominator appeared: Instagram. Facebook checked close to half of those surveyed, but the interview gave a precise picture: they have an Facebook profile, but they don’t have an app installed on their phone and they’re there once every two weeks. They access the network from a desktop or laptop. It’s their parents’ network.

Twitter Isn’t Even a Pass, It Doesn’t Exist for New Generations

None of those surveyed have a Twitter profile. Considering that among the other respondents, those who are now 17, 18 and 19, i.e. all three generations will be eligible to vote next year, it is very interesting that this data crosses with thoughts on the importance of TW political bickering. We’re talking about three generations who will have the legal right to go to the polls next year. Generation Z isn’t there. None of them. It is quite realistic to assume that this trend would continue if we had analyzed some older respondents.

Even celebrities don’t follow brands

Over 80% of those surveyed do not follow the brands. Any. During the interview, they mentioned one carmaker and one sports footwear manufacturer. Of the celebrities on their feeds, there is only room with Novak Djokovic, Leonardo Di Caprio and sporadically some fitness or similar coach. Polling and interviews were underway at the World Basketball Championship (while Serbia was still the favorite to win gold) and with questions about following Bogdan Bogdanovic or Raduljica we got the answer to go to their Instagram profiles from time to time. When asked, “Well, if you’re interested in him, why aren’t you following him?” we can ask them in the following sentence: “I don’t want to be bothered, I just want to know what my friends are doing.” The controversy over the engineers and their impact can go to three, four – now.

Generation Z & Instagram Story/Snapchat

Generation Z, which probably has a photo or video in the first hours of its life (literally – from the maternity ward) or the first steps – thanks to its parents and smartphones, chooses social networks that store content for just 24 hours of Instagram stories and Snapchat. Data that’s inspiring enough for doctoral dissertations and deeper, multidisciplinary analyses.

Content that Generation Z sets

Quite naively, we offered respondents four answers regarding the type of content they post to the public, on social media: text post, share link, photo and video. The answers told us this: no text, no share link. Of the ten posts, eight were photos, two were videos. They also showed us the correspondence on Viber. It’s not an accidental quotation mark on the notion of correspondence, because there’s no writing there. Six voice messages, a few “LOL” and as many hearts – that’s Generation Z.

The notion of Possession

He was very interesting, he was the part about watching TV and listening to music. More than half of those surveyed on TV only watch sports and a few reality shows, although we’ve also heard of those who never watch TV. Everything they want to know is on a computer or phone. The music’s on YT and Deezer. A little something in the phone’s internal memory. When asked if they were using apps to order, for example food (the question was directed to generations closer to the upper limit of the target group, a good part of them worked on seasonal jobs over the summer – conclusion: they have their money) we got a negative response. With the right subsections, they explained the order of activities: they sign up to the pizzeria or the name of the restaurant where they want food from, and it offers them a number to order. They call and that’s it. We asked them if the pizzeria or rostoran numbers weren’t listed in the phone book? The answer was negative. For them, the internet is implied. They don’t need  signing up, possession. Their food order phone numbers are where the music is – online.

Minimum Number of Applications

Z members who were part of the focus group do not have a large number of games or apps on their phones. It seemed that in terms of the games on the phone, they were divided into extremes. Either it’s close to diagnosis of addiction or the notion of gaming is completely irrelevant (at least when it comes to the phone). The number of applications is also negligible. A very honest and open conversation was followed by a question from our side: “OK, if you don’t have games, you don’t have apps, you’re not too much on social media – so what are your mobile phones for?” – we got the following reply from one witty interviewee: “Should we make a phone call!”.


About how brands, large corporations, business and marketing will have an answer to the habits of this generation – I believe it is only interesting to us and close to our professions. It would be interesting to hear the “answer” of the education system for a generation that does not need to remember or possess the data and content available at click. By all accounts, it won’t take a click, only the query will be spoken loudly towards the phone. Will their grades depend on their ability to remember the atomic number of silcium, the date of some mid-century battle… Or will the system stimulate and reward them against the skills of overcoming challenges and logical thinking?

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