The Night of Researches

About:The European Night of Researchers in Serbia is funded by the “HORIZON 2020” program, which is the largest program of the European Union for research and innovation activities. The ultimate goal of the project is to identify and increase public recognition of those outstanding researchers and stimulate the promotion of research careers among young students. […]

Karin invest

About: Karin Invest is an investor of real estate properties in Novi Sad. Challenge: Make the client’s offer more visible to audiences interested in buying an apartment in Novi Sad through social media channels. Designing the right strategy, through visual identity and important information for future homeowners. Approach & results: Usage of the right tools […]


About:Interreg IPA – Services related to conducting internet marketing campaigns for the project CB NET Challenge:To create posts as well as to create adequate content following the dynamics defined by the project manager.Target audience: NGO activists, senior students, potential entrepreneurs.

SMART school

About:A computer school, founded over 20 years ago, that provides certified courses in the different areas of information technology. Partner with Microsoft, EC-Council, etc. Challenge:A wide range of courses means different target audiences depending on the course.Making the school visible for Microsoft courses through Google search and yet avoiding being a competition with Microsoft itself. […]

Karin komerc

KARIN KOMERC About:The largest construction company in the territory of Vojvodina. Their work is based on projects of exceptional national importance. SOCIAL NETWORK Challenge:Very high requirements in terms of communications under company policy.Managing the rebranding process. Approach & results:Creating more video content for key projects and areas of their expertise.Creating a new website.Creating a new […]


IDEAthon is an event that brings together enthusiasts, young innovators, future entrepreneurs, undergraduate master’s and doctoral students who have an innovative business idea and a strong desire to realize it.


SOCIAL NETWORK EVENT With the support of the National Organization for Rare Diseases (NORBS), we marked PKU Day in the following way: we illuminated and “painted” important buildings in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš with the colors of the campaign. This was the first time that PKU Day was celebrated in this way in Serbia.

Floor gallery

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Faculty of sciences

About:Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad – 5 separate departments: Department of Biology and Ecology Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management Department of Mathematics and Informatics Department of Physics  Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Protection Challenge: 5 different clients. Creating diverse content for each area (department). Creating a communication channel that will connect […]

Biota Intima

About:Brand new product on the market, vaginal probiotic for oral use.Challenge:Creating a name, package design, and slogan to address the specific target audience whilst communicating the benefits of the product.Approach & results:The name and the slogan were accepted fully, while the final version of the package had slight corrections.