Analyze your competition!

Analyze your competition!

You have received countless tips on how to make the time you spend at home useful. You have a large number of online courses, additional TV channels are unlocked, book discounts are available. Here’s one suggestion from us: analyze your competition. We share our knowledge and give you tool suggestions. Analyze your competition!


SEO and content analysis

You can use a tool called “SEO META in 1 CLICK” to check your competitors’ SEO information. With this tool, you can check the main SEO information (meta tags, links, and script tags). Then, you can check the photos on the site with all the necessary information (ALT AND TITLE tag).

SEO-META-in-1-CLICK - Analyze your competition!

This tool should help you improve your SEO and internet visibility. You must have thought many times that you take care of your site, you’ll do anything for SEO when you have time. Now – for example?

One tool that has a similar function is Screaming Frog. A tool that is installed on your computer. You can also use it for SEO analysis.


Word Count

This tool will give you the necessary information about the number of words of a certain text, blog post, and the like. One of the functionalities it has is that it will give you the number of sentences in the text as well as the average length of the sentence. In addition, it can give you a list of the top keywords in the text you are analyzing.

Word Count


Website WP Theme Detector

Use this tool to find out information about the Word Press topic used on the site you are analyzing, as well as the plugins the website uses. A useful tool in competition analysis.


Website WP Theme Detector - Analyze your competition!

There is also an add-on called “WhatCMS” and it can serve you if your competitor’s site is not on the WordPress platform and you want to find out which CMS is in the background.



Using the ColorZilla tool you can find out the color and font from the site you are analyzing. If you are wondering – what might be helpful to you – in the event that you plan any rebranding, that is, drafting and/or correcting a graphic standards book, this information may be important.

Analyze your competition - ColorZilla


Facebook Analytics

  • Funnels – Visualize the progress of users through their actions on the site, applications, and Facebook page.
  • Retention – An accurate measurement of user activity over time.
  • Lifetime value – Discover how many different people are on your site/page and how you can maximize your earnings.
  • Journeys – A full overview of interactions from websites, apps, Facebook pages, and bots in a single report.
  • Segments – Segment your audience through groups – from demographics to behavior.
  • Demographics – From new users to loyal customers, Facebook will give you all the information you need about them such as age, location, and language.

Facebook Analytics - Analyze your competition

If you didn’t know about this tool – Facebook Analytics – and didn’t use it, you’ll quickly love it. Using it can provide a lot of new information.


Twitter – Twitonomy

You might be wondering “who else is going to do analysis on twitter appearances?” – then you are certainly not in the political or media sphere. Through detailed and visual analytics, Twitonomy gives you information about your competition, their tweets, retweets, replies, hashtags, etc. The tool provides an option to export data to Excel and PDF, for further analysis.

Twitter – Twitonomy

You can find out what keywords your competition is using as hashtags. Filter all results by categories to get better information on the use of Twitter accounts of your competition. And much more. This tool requires usage, ie. logging in with your Twitter account to provide the information provided.


Instagram – Minter

IG account tracking tool and hashtag analytics often used by brands, agencies, businesses. With it, you can get a detailed analysis of the account you manage, as well as a good insight into the profile you choose.

Here is a list of information this tool provides:

  • Instagram analysis – measuring the growth of followers
  • Content Optimization – Post and hashtag analysis to improve visibility
  • Instagram hashtag analytics – hashtag analytics and measuring campaign success, tracking competing hashtags, and comparing them to the brand you represent.
  • Instagram Traffic Tracking – Track how much traffic is going to your site/portal/blog from your Instagram account. It’s always easier to leave your heart below a photo than read a dry text, but is it valuable to see what interests those who stay there?
  • Follow Instagram Stories – Keep track of your IG stories, track how your followers respond to them, and the like.
  • Reports – Make a PDF or Excel with IG data, find out the details through unique reports as they can affect future content you create.

Instagram – Minter

What sets this tool apart from the others mentioned in the text is that it has two options to use, one Trial and Paid. Check monthly rates, if you are a $ 9 / month individual and not much for the valuable information this tool can provide. If you are an agency the price is $ 16 per month. In any case, it is worth testing such a tool for at least one month.


Using these tools you can get answers to questions where your competition is stronger in appearance than you, where you have the space to gain a comparative advantage in a short time.
Please note that your appearance on digital is also transparent, available for analysis. This is why detailed and continuous work is important for appearing in the online sphere.
We picked some of the tools we almost used. We suggest you test them, try them … or simply call us to do the work for U.

Analyze your competition, be better.

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