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So different and yet at the same waves...
Dejan Pataki - Creative Chief

General Manager / Co-Founder

Dejan Pataki

I have spent part of my business career in the sales segment and I know that creativity alone is not enough. She is a tool for achieving results. The challenge drives me – I have it in writing. The two explained to me the meaning of the term infinite, my sons Luka and Viktor.

Predrag Marković - IT Guru

IT Guru / Co-Founder

Predrag Marković

On the topic of health care & insurance, Barack Obama won the US election. I have been doing SEO in the same area in the same country for more than two terms. If you search for wines and wineries, it’s quite possible that my blog will be first on the list. And in wine the truth is. Always ready to play (basketball, tennis).

Ivana Radulović - grafički dizajner

Graphic Designer

Ivana Radulović

Before I get into interior design, I’ll tell you more beautiful stories through digital & print. There is not enough room here to list all the animals that have found a place in my home. I like to make cheese and vince with a good cartoon, and if you have to recommend a good historical movie – please let me know …

Luka - Account Petlić

Account Junior


Almost 6 years without any work and then, just before my sixth birthday, I was asked to say something. They wanted me to say, “… honestly, the way it first comes to your mind. From the heart.” I asked them, “How else can I say?”