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About Us

Although we come from different worlds, we found common ground in retro digital.
Retro Meets Digital?

About The Name – Retro Digital Agency

We live in times of information hyperproduction and attracting attention is a daily challenge in our line of work. That’s why we’ve decided to pick a name that would do just that – attract attention – Retro Digital Agency. The phrase we went for is a paradox in itself, a notion defined by the Cambridge dictionary as: “a situation or statement that seems impossible or is difficult to understand because it contains two opposite facts or characteristics”. The fact you need to light up your grey matter a little when you see the name is attention gained. It, by extension, triggers another mental process: cognitive dissonance – experienced when two notions you are processing are conflicting. Our brains try to correct the error and impose a balance. We’ve had your attention for a while now. We are just enough retro to embrace the legacy foundations of our industry, read hard-copy books and play music from vinyl. We also lead our lives digitally.

Retro Digital agency
Retro Digital Agency
Below Is A Rhetorical Question

Are We Creative?

“In order to have the remotest chance of having the information about a product or service reach the consumer in a hyper-competitive society, or successfully elbow your way through to the souls and wallets of your target audience, or burst through the ad clutter, you need to stand out from the crowd and be outstandingly creative. Still, tapping into creativity is not that much of an elusive nugget of gold – it’s everywhere around us.

We just need to change the perspective, make an original connection between two notions.

Creativity means abandoning the shell of mental conventions, employing a view of the world from its apex, operating at a beneficial altitude and an aloofness from the rules. Creativity is a leap into the heart of the paradox and dealing with it at the metalevel”.

The quote was written in late 20th century, originally in Serbian, by Lazar Džamić, and his words are a source of daily inspiration for us. We are just enough retro to know these lines. Are they enough, though, to have your product or service reach fresh consumers? There is only one way to find out.

Why Choose Retro Digital Agency?

The Question:

We will address this question by adhering to the recipe for quality, meaningful communication:

We will give you three things you should remember about us:

  1. We have the knowledge and experience
  2. We have the passion for our work
  3. We are intent on succeeding together with you
Retro Digital agency
Retro Digitial Agency Misija
Our View Of Things

Retro Digital Agency – Mission Statement

Our civilization was founded on storytelling, the narrative. We want to tell memorable, successful stories together. We are just enough retro to aim towards a friendly, partner relationship, above and beyond the standard one between the client and the agency. We are just enough digital to fight for your Return On Investment.